Did you know?

National Pet Day is April 11.

National Pet ID Week is April 15-22.
Millions of pets are lost every year. Collars and tags can be removed or fall off. Tattoos can become illegible as your pet ages.

Microchips are a permanent Identification tool to help your pet to come home, veterinary offices and shelters have scanners that will bring up your pets ID information. The microchip company has your pets information on file so they can help get them back home, make sure to keep your pets address and phone number updated.

We offer Microchipping, so call and schedule an appointment today.

National Kids and Pets Day is April 26

World Veterinary Day is April 28

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is April 30

April is…:

National Public Health Month.

National Heartworm Awareness Month…
Did you know that pesky mosquito you’ve been swatting at could possibly be Infected with a microscopic, baby heartworm?
That’s right! Mosquitoes are the carrier of heartworms and transmit heartworm infection to your pets. Indiana is endemic for heartworms, so if your pet is not protected, he or she will likely become infected! Get your pet tested and protected today! Our heartworm test checks for heartworm infection, as well as 5 tick infections. Check Out our Specials Page for Savings on Heartworm tests and prevention.

Prevention of Lyme Disease in Dogs Month
Lyme disease is the most common tick-transmitted disease in the world, but only causes symptoms in 5-10% of infected dogs. Our heartworm tests check for Lyme disease, detecting illness before symptoms begin! Get your dog tested and protected today! It’s important to use a monthly tick prevention, not only for your dog or cat but for you, too. A tick can hitch a ride inside your home on your dog or cat and mosey on over for a feast on you. We have coupons to help you save money, so check out the Savings on our Specials page!